About Our Mayor

Our Families

I am proud to be the fourth generation of my family to live in Jeromesville and look forward to raising the fifth in this great place among these great people! I know how important family is to us here in Jeromesville and that's why I'm committed to making it a place that is not only welcoming, but also one that can support families of all sizes with enough activities, events, and facilities; to ensuring that everything that makes us great gets better in the coming years! 

Our Local Economy

Jeromesville thrives because it has local businesses. I want to make sure that our local businesses have everything they need to be successful, but also that we capitalize on our geographic location and invite new businesses to town! I firmly believe that Jeromesville can rediscover some of its commercial potential if we dedicate the time and energy to promoting our local economy and together, serving our community! 

Our Community

One of the most rewarding parts of being Mayor has been the time I've spent with the younger generations. I believe that the future of Jeromesville is worth investing in today! We are dedicated to