Mayor Spade

The Past

Jeromesville's heritage is important to me. I believe that the only way to get where we're going and how to get there is to know where we came from. There is a rich culture here that I think we often take for granted. My goal is to bring some of our forgotten history back to life and preserve it for future generations. 

The Present

It's an exciting time to be a member of the Jeromesville community. Not only have we welcomed several new businesses to town since I took office in 2015, but we are beginning work on our capital programs with the parks and streets initiative. Work will begin this year in each of those areas. 

The Future

203 years of hard work would be for naught if we didn't look forward to the next generation of leaders in Jeromesville. I believe in the young men and women of our community and their ability to help shape the place they will one day raise their families in.


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